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234 Main Street   Racine WI 53403

Meta is a different kind of studio... we are purveyors of supernatural transformations.  

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Meta Arts...

Whether you're looking to transform your life PHYSICALLY with Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, Lyra, Burlesque, Competition & Performance Training or just a fun night out with a group​ ... 

Pole Fitness, Aerial Silks, Lyra, and Burlesque are all complementary art forms that evoke beautiful imagery wherein your body becomes a work of art!!! 

Poles, Silks and Lyras can be used to enhance sensual movements or display pure feats of athleticism.... or even a little of both if that's what you choose.   The curriculum for every class is designed with safety in mind and allows you to build strength and stamina to move forward towards your goals.  All fitness levels are welcome and encouraged.

There is only one rule at Meta:  Once you walk through the door, you may NOT talk negatively about yourself or anyone else or you will be asked to leave.  Meta is a safe place for humans to be exactly as beautiful as they are... no drama or negativity will be tolerated... EVER! 

Sessions are 4 weeks long, 1.5 hours once a week (total of 6 hours), and 75 dollars. Check out the schedule here.
Meta Energy...

Or looking to transform your life EMOTIONALLY, ENERGETICALLY or SPIRITUALLY with Shamanic Energy Work, Shamanic Breathwork, or Shamanic Yoga....

Shamanic Energy Work combines the ancient and beautiful art of Shamanism with Reiki - a form of energy work - chakra work, crystals, shadow work - work to clear childhood and adult onset traumas - body work, breath work, intentional music and introduction to Spirit Guides in a private and confidential, one-on-one setting.

Shamanic Yoga combines the ancient arts of Shamanism and Yoga in a beautiful and very complimentary meld of traditions, which can include drumming during Savasana to support Shamanic Journeying, Shamanic Breathwork and introduction to Guides.  Both arts support inward reflection while honoring the interconnectedness of all beings on this beautiful planet... including this beautiful planet, Gaia! Aho!  These classes bring awareness to living consciously within the flow of this beautiful human experience, while instilling confidence in our own power to connect and communicate with our Highest Self and other Guides to heal ourselves... We all contain within us our own shaman!  But, these classes are taught with joy, so there is talking and laughing and sometimes crying ... and often, very interesting conversations!

For more information about Shamanic Energy sessions, Shamanic Workshops or Breathwork Ceremonies, please click here.

Shamanic Yoga Classes are 10 dollar dropin style and class cancellations or important updates will be posted on the day of class on the Meta facebook page

Or looking for support through your CANCER experience...

"The Journey" is a non traditional support group that welcomes previvors, current warriors and survivors of any and all cancers. We are here to create a space to heal, learn and teach each other how to move forward from our “labels”...  and most of all, to support and bring light and love to each other while bringing it back into our own lives.

The space we create will be a safe place. No judgement, only love, compassion and respect. We will do our best to leave our ego at the door during our time together. Our Journey is ongoing, but it does not mean we have to go it alone.  This is a no-cost group.

For more information about The Journey, please click here...  or connect directly with Nicole here.
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