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Aerial Arts, Pole Fitness & Dance, and Burlesque go hand in hand.... they are art forms that are used to evoke beautiful imagery wherein your body becomes the work of art!!!   These forms of dance and art can be used to enhance sensual movements or display pure feats of athleticism.... and  even a little of both if that's what you choose and the curriculum for all classes is soundly rooted in Yogic principles to maximize safety.  The classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels, and every level builds on the strength and stamina built in the previous level.  Sessions are 4 weeks long, 1.5 hours once a week (total of 6 hours), and $75. 


Pole Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced...  Each level includes both STATIC and SPINNING pole instruction and contains moves taught on and off the pole.  Beginner Pole is suitable for ALL beginners and is designed to build the strength and pole experience necessary to comfortably move onto Intermediate and Advanced Pole.  Each Level provides new Walks, Pole Moves, Pirouettes, Floor Work and Pole Spins that build on the prior level.  Aerial pole moves such as sits, stands, climbs, and knee and elbow holds are introduced in Beginner and Intermediate Pole classes so that when you reach the Advanced level you are conditioned and ready to comfortably invert.  Recommended attire:  tank tops; stretch pants can be worn, however, shorts are preferred as many moves require skin contact with the pole;  heels are acceptable, but, not required, however, socks will be needed if no shoes are worn.  Register

Spins & Trix...  This class will include spins from all of the Grounded levels, as well as some basic trix and sits.  Inversions, Floor Work and Walks will not be presented in this class.  Recommended attire:  tank tops; stretch pants can be worn, however, shorts are preferred as many moves require skin contact with the pole;  heels are acceptable, but, not required, however, socks will be needed if no shoes are worn.  Register


Chair & Floor Work...  This class will build your strength and stamina while teaching beautiful moves on both the chair and floor.  Once combined, the movements will create a fluid, visually captivating, artistic and cohesive routine!!!  This class is appropriate for all levels.  Recommended attire:  tank tops; stretch pants or shorts;  heels are acceptable, but, not required, however, socks will be needed if no shoes are worn.  Register


Aerial Silks, Dance Hammock & Lyra Beginner & Intermediate...   These classes will build the unique foundational move sets, skills, strength, flexibility and balance required for Aerial Silks and Lyra, while also acclimating your body to the unique needs of  Aerial Arts.  Moves will be taught close to the ground in Beginner levels to ensure each student's safety.  

*Silks are long pieces of fabric specially designed to accommodate aerial movements.  Recommended attire: stretch pants and a tshirt/tank top are required;  jewelry and long finger/toe nails are absolutely prohibited. 

*Dance Hammock are silks rigged into a hammock.  Recommended attire:  stretch pants and a tshirt/tank top are required;  jewelry and long finger/toe nails are absolutely prohibited.

*Lyra is a steel hoop designed to accommodate aerial movements.  Recommended attire:  some prefer skin contact, so shorts and tank tops would be recommended; others prefer to slide over the hoop, so stretch pants and a snug fitting tshirt would be recommended.  Register


Burlesque baby!!!!!!...   Don't know what Burlesque is??  Well slide on over here and let us tell ya alllllll about it!  Burlesque is what started it all... it's the art of the tease... it's whipping your audience up into a frenzy and yet barely showing them anything (at least by today's standards!)... it's about being glamorous and gorgeous and using our womanly wiles in any way we see fit!!!!  EVERY SINGLE WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL... and we've forgotten that... you've been told it's not ok to sway your hips or jiggle when you walk!!  Well Girls.. THEY LIED TO YA!!!  Not only is it ok... it's what makes us the sexy, curvy, creatures we are ... NOW EMBRACE IT... 'cause we've earned it!!!!!!!!!   So come strut, peel, shimmy, shake, bump, grind, twirl and jiggle with us!!!!  Recommended attire:  Please dress to your personal comfort level, however, long gloves, boas, stockings and general burlesque-y attire is AWESOME!!!  Heels are not required, but do make the strutting so much easier; a 2"-5" heel works best.  Register


Body Balance ... is a class where you will learn all manner of balance:  Handstands, Headstands, Forearm Balances, Canes, Standing balances and more!  Movement progressions are included in this class which makes it suitable for beginners through advanced balancers.  Recommended attire:  tank tops and stretch pants/shorts (remember you'll be going upside down so snug fitting clothing will stay in place better); socks or leg warmers are needed.   Register


Are you interested in beginning - or advancing - your flexibility program? Or are you wanting to fiiiinally get that flat split (or dare we dream of the over-split?! *gasp*)? How about backbends... got any of that? Want some of that? Well... then... this is your class!! We will work on both components of safe advancement: Flexibility AND Strength. But, not every technique works for every body... so we will look at YOUR body and determine how to safely progress. All levels are absolutely welcome... but this class is WORK!  Recommended attire:  comfy, close fitting clothing (so body alignment can be observed).  Register


Move like a goddess!  This class will pull influence from Bellydance, Qigong, Yoga, Pranayama/Breathwork and will connect movement to the energies of each chakra. Movements will be slow and slinky and will focus on foundational level movements to bring fluidity, control, strength and energy flow back into the body. This workshop is for all levels and is open to all genders/identifications.  Recommended attire:  comfy, flowy bottoms/skirts, hip scarves, etc.  Register


Wanna Get Down With Your Gang...   Any reason is a good enough reason to gather the gang and have a PARTY!!!!  You can pick one class type or mix and match several types!  Wanna bring food and bevies?  Yummy...bring it!!  Wanna dress up?  I say, the more glitter the better!!!!!!   Parties require a non-refundable $75 deposit to hold date which comes off the amount due the day of the party.... parties are between 1 1/2 - 2 hours .... and each participant pays $25. Schedule your party here. 


We have ongoing and rotating workshops, so please check upcoming events here.  

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